Will setup work in saved directory from whe the files where D/Led by using another method?

Robert McNulty Junior sherlock_abc@netzero.net
Thu Apr 27 12:53:00 GMT 2000

>On Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 12:55:25PM -0500, Robert McNulty Junior wrote:
>>BTW just solved the problem when downloading files individually and not
>>saving them all in a temp directory.  Don't do it.  Setup will give you
>>bad errors especially with with a corrupt file.  Perhaps that what is
>>wrong.  They are corroupted because of misuse and ill-begotten ways.
>>Sorry for being a pain.
>I'm sorry, but I don't understand what the above paragraph is trying to
>If you are saying that you downloaded the tar.gz files to a temp directory
>and then used the 'd' option to setup to extract them, then that will
>work.  That just short circuits the "download from the internet" part of

>If you somehow managed to corrupt the files in downloading them, then, yes,
>you will probably get a tar error.
>>The way to solve this (at least for the moment and while I'm doing it) is
>>individually save the modules AKA packages to a temdir.
>>Then run setup, and it will work. How about that theory?
>As opposed to what theory?  I don't understand how you would do it any
>other way.
>>What happened was I copied an old copy of Binutils into my tempdir just
>>And overwriting the "good:" file. Looked at the file size. 336 KB. that is
>>how I could tell what corrupted, From now, have some listing of how big
>>small) the files are. Either that, or add a checksum. I remember checksums
>>from my older days. These were keys done at each line of code to check for
>>errors. In our case, we are sending binary of tricky internet connections.
>There is an md5.sum file in every directory in latest.  setup does not
>yet perform a check to make sure that the files it downloads match the
>md5 checksum.  That will probably happen eventually.  It does check the
>file sizes, though.
>>We need a protocol like Xmodem for setup is what I'm trying to say. But
>>Xmodem, something to be used accross the net. Once we figure what we need,
>>and find code that we can modify for setup, we will have a really neat
>>program. Don't ask me to do it, cuz I might screw it up. Just throwing an
>>idea at you.
>ftp, http, or any internet protocol for downloading files from the net
>has automatic built in error detection and correction.
I used setup by itself to create the directories needed.
About one or the other idea, never mind me.
I just want to be part of this gang and help you.
I can further potential for Cygwin.
Thanx for creating this package. it is the best I've used, really.
I've used EMX, DJGPP, and MSVC++. Last one was a learner's edition. Why I
bought? I thought it could do what I wanted it to do.
Gottta run.
See you

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