Will setup work in saved directory from whe the files where D/Led by using another method?

Robert McNulty Junior sherlock_abc@netzero.net
Thu Apr 27 10:56:00 GMT 2000

BTW just solved the problem when downloading files individually and not
saving them all in a temp directory. Don't do it. Setup will give you bad
errors especially with with a corrupt file. Perhaps that what is wrong. They
are corroupted because of misuse and ill-begotten ways.
Sorry for being a pain.

The way to solve this (at least for the moment and while I'm doing it) is to
individually save the modules AKA packages to a temdir.
Then run setup, and it will work. How about that theory?
What happened was I copied an old copy of Binutils into my tempdir just now.
And overwriting the "good:" file. Looked at the file size. 336 KB. that is
how I could tell what corrupted, From now, have some listing of how big (or
small) the files are. Either that, or add a checksum. I remember checksums
from my older days. These were keys done at each line of code to check for
errors. In our case, we are sending binary of tricky internet connections.
We need a protocol like Xmodem for setup is what I'm trying to say. But not
Xmodem, something to be used accross the net. Once we figure what we need,
and find code that we can modify for setup, we will have a really neat
program. Don't ask me to do it, cuz I might screw it up. Just throwing an
idea at you.
How'd I do?
AKA Robert Mcnulty Junior
AKA Red Baron
AKA Pumpkin (don't ask. My mom gave it to me when i was younger)
AKA The Computer Whiz (cuz at the time I "knew" more than the others at
where i was working at the time)

Little ditty about me. I started programming computers in the Summer of
1983. I started on a puny VIC-20. I have seen the market grow and grow, and
consume major corporations like Commodore, Atari, and Tandy. Out of this
list, do you know who's still making computers and plays a major role in the
market? IBM. Commodore, Apple, Atari, Intel, Motorola, Sharp, Texas
Instruments, Digital Research, MacIntosh, Coleco, Nintendo.
Mind you, some of those are video game machine and a software company.
M$ is still around, but is being forced by the GOV to break up. AFAIK, they
are still doing that. i don't like the Gonzalas story any more because it is
BORING. Kid's back with his father. Case closed. Microsoft is dying. But
Cygwin lives.
Hey, about about designing an operating similar to Windows and Linux so we
can run our new programs in it? Windows is dying, despite what the news is
Over and out. End of transmission.......
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D/Led by using another method?

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