setup.exe via proxy?

Chris Faylor
Thu Apr 27 09:52:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 05:38:29PM +0100, John S Cooper wrote:
>| $ type ls
>| ls is an alias for ls -FCU
>| ls is h:/bin/ls
>| $ ls h:/x
>| cygpath.exe*  su13	    su22	  su30		su7
>| cygwin1.dll   su14	    su23	  su31		su73
>| gzip.exe*     su15	    su24	  su32		su8
>| mount.exe*    su16	    su25	  su33		su9
>| setup.exe*    su17	    su26	  su34		tar.exe*
>| setup.log     su18	    su27	  su35		umount.exe*
>| su10	      su19	    su28	  su4
>| su11	      su20	    su29	  su5
>| su12	      su21	    su3		  su6
>| $ 

This is strange.  Could you send me su1, su2, su3, and su4?

I assume that you only ran setup.exe once, right?  Those files are
supposed to be deleted so I am not sure why they are staying around.

Maybe you were right and this does have something to do with your proxy.

Thanks for helping me track this down, btw.


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