Various questions - docs, paths

David Robinow
Thu Apr 27 08:29:00 GMT 2000

--- "Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc)" <>
> I guess I don't have objections to "/cygdrive"
> specifically appearing in the
> mount table display if it's role can be clearly
> distinguished from the other
> mount entries (since its purpose is subtly
> different).
 I would say it's more than subtly different.
> ...  I'm not sure if I
> see the point to having something like "/cygdrive/d"
> (representing the 
> transient mounting of someone's D drive) in the
> listing though.
 I don't believe anybody has suggested this.  You're
right though; it's a terrible idea.
> great care needs to be exercised here to keep any
> change to address the
> /cygdrive issue from generating any confusion about
> what this notation
> does, IMO.
 I think a reasonable solution is to add a
--show-cygdrive-prefix switch to mount.
  I'm not volunteering, but if I get around to it ...

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