"bad address" warning

Thomas Capricelli capricel@yalbi.com
Wed Apr 26 11:44:00 GMT 2000


Under windows 98 : 

typing "bison" tells me 
 "no grammar file given" -> ok
typing "bison  file.y" tells me
 "bad address"

 I've been looking  in all FAQ and mailing-list archives I've found  but
I still don't understand this message when I use the latest cygwin
developpement tools

I've tried a lot of things 
 re-download full2.exe from ftp and reinstall.
 give it some more args ( -L .. )
 Change the file (i've got 5/6 .y to parse with bison here)
 using byacc
         don't now 'p' arg
         the generated file doesn't compile
         don't know how to get the .h

I'm using successfully all other cygwin tools ( flex, gcc..)

I don't even know if "bad addess" is a common dos/windows message telling me
that the file is corrupt, or if it's really bison complaining.



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