Cygwin 1.0: Error when launching MSDOS bat file from bash on Windows 2000

Berche, Guillaume
Wed Apr 26 08:36:00 GMT 2000


Well, I've finally understood why it does not work on Windows 2000. On 2000, the cmd.exe is more restrictive that in NT: it does not accept path with forward slashes '/' as it does in NT 4.0

The workaround I use for interactive use it to define the following alias:
start_file () {
    cmd /c `cygpath -w $1`
alias start=start_file

Then I would type in my bash shell:

> start ./test1/test2/run.bat

Note that it also works for other type of files such as MS words files (it launches MS-Word), PDF, HTML, and all the files whose extension have been mapped to an application on the NT workstation.

For our bash scripts, we'll specifically invoke cmd /c `cygpath -w ./test1/test2/run.bat`

I hope this can help other cygwin users.



> WOW!!  I just tried starting bash for MSDOS CMD.EXE using 
> forward slashes in
> the path and it worked!! :0  Too bad I can't cd to the 
> directory using forward
> slashes.
> Chris, the problem isn't that foo.bat won't execute under 
> Cygwin bash, it will.
>  The problem is that it won't execute with relative paths.  
> Absolute paths work
> great.  I was able to emulate Guillaume's problem with his example.
> Example:
> ---foo.bat---
> REM This will execute under the MSDOS shell.
> REM End of foo.bat
> ---end foo.bat---
> /path/to/foo.bat; #works
> path/to/foo.bat; #doesn't work
> ./path/to/foo.bat; #works
> Cheers,

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