problems with less

John S Cooper
Wed Apr 26 06:28:00 GMT 2000

Earnie Boyd <> writes:

 > > Since upgrading to cygwin 1.0 (on Win2K) less no longer displays properly.
 > Is that cygwin 1.0.0 or cygwin 1.1.0?  The difference is that the cygwin 1.0.0
 > is the CD version and the cygwin 1.1.0 is the net release.

I pulled it off the net, so it must be 1.1.0.

 > > When I `less c:/etc/termcap', the top 3 lines of the file are not shown, even
 > > after typing `g' (start of file).  However, if I type 'G' (end of file)
 > > followed by 'g' then it is shown, although searching for strings doesn't
 > > display the highlighted matches (they seem to be off the top of the screen).
 > > It's pretty much unusable really.
 > I just tried thist using NT4 sp4, cygwin 1.1.0 and there wasn't a problem.
 > I saw the head of the file, the tail of the file and even the hightlighted
 > search strings.  BTW, the Command window is set for 2500 lines of buffer
 > with 50 lines of display.

Hmm.  I am using Win2K if that makes any difference.  It seems that the display
is always messed up for me when the file being viewed has lines that wrap
(i.e., longer than $COLUMNS, which is 80 for me).  I don't use a horizontal

If I pipe a file with the majority of its lines longer than 80 characters I get
an extra newline everywhere a lines wraps, and after `G' `g', I can no longer
view the top of the buffer.  Same behavior when running under bash (as opposed
to zsh, my preferred shell).

The B20.1 `less' doesn't exhibit this behavior.  In fact, I've just discovered
that display problems with my B20.1 less only show up when I provide the -r
option.  I guess I'll revert to the B20.1 version for now...

Please Cc me on any replies as I'm not a member of the list.

    --- John

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