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Earnie Boyd
Wed Apr 26 06:20:00 GMT 2000

--- Jeff Jensen <> wrote:
> All I get is "umount: Invalid argument"
> when trying "umount --remove-all-mounts".  umount --help, /?, etc. reveals
> no info to ensure I am doing a valid option.  Anything on that?  Where is
> help info on the commands?
> I found the entry in the registry and deleted the bad one.  Rerunning setup
> results in the same issues as before.
> What are the pre-reqs to install this?  Does it need to be installed in any
> special directory hierarchy?

You don't have the correct version of umount installed yet.  You can also use
REGEDIT to remove the entries.  Search for Cygnus in the keys.  Delete the
invalid mount entries.

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