Cygwin 1.0: Error when launching MSDOS bat file from bash on Windows 2000

Berche, Guillaume
Wed Apr 26 01:01:00 GMT 2000


> And, if cygwin invokes the MSDOS shell using this path:
> /foo/bar/blaz/blat.bat
> what kind of behavior would you predict?

Well when experimenting it seems that it does not work because it =
launches a new interactive MSDOS command shell instead of interpreting =
the bat file. However the command
cmd.exe /C /foo/bar/blaz/blat.bat seems to work fine with both relative =
and absolute paths on NT and Windows 2000.=20

It also seems that the command=20
cmd.exe /C `cygpath -w /foo/bar/blaz/blat.bat`=20
also works fine.

If this can help I quote below the help file related to cmd.exe on NT =
If I'm the only one to have troubles with this problem then it might =
not be worth fixing it ?! I'll adapt the bash scripts (that launch BAT =
files) we're using to use a workaround. It's just difficult for native =
NT users to understand that when using a bash shell they can execute =
bash scripts but not MSDOS scripts, it makes their adoption of cygwin =
harder but it's no big deal, I'll try to explain...



Starts a new instance of the Windows=A0NT command interpreter, CMD.EXE. =

A command interpreter is a program that displays the command prompt at =
which you type commands. Use the exit command to stop the new command =
interpreter and return control to the old one.=20
cmd [/x | /y] [/a | /u] [/q] [/t:fg] [ [/c | /k] string]


Carries out the command specified by string and then stops.=20
Carries out the command specified by string and continues.
Turns the echo off.
Creates ANSI output.
Creates Unicode output.
Sets the foreground and background colors. (For more information, see =
the color command.)
Enables extensions to the Windows=A0NT version of CMD.EXE, to provide a =
richer shell programming environment. The following commands use the =
extensions: del (
erase), color, cd (chdir), md (mdir), prompt, pushd, popd, set, =
setlocal, endlocal, if, for, call, shift, goto, start, assoc, and =
ftype. For details, see the Help for each command.

Disables extensions to the Windows=A0NT version of CMD.EXE, for =
backward compatibility reasons. The extensions are enabled by default.
Specifies the command you want to carry out.

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