CYGWIN-1.1.0 trouble: 40 to 80 sec delay if no network connection

Ulrich Jakobus
Tue Apr 25 23:06:00 GMT 2000

As a follow-up to the previous e-mail from me, I did some more
experiments now and found something that might be quite important
to know:

Two situations must be distinguished:

 a) The network cable is attached when I log-in into Windows
    NT, I register for the domain DEIHF, and the environment
    variable LOGONSERVER gets assigned a value IHFSRV or IHFBDC
    (we have two Windows NT servers, and depending on the load
    an automatic algorithm decides which one to use)

 b) When I already remove the network cable while logging in
    (but I still register for the domain DEIHF), I get a windows
    NT message that "no domain server is available, a local copy
    of the environment will be used instead", and the environment
    variable LOGONSERVER is set to UJ-NTBK (this is my local 

For the situation a), when executing a CYGNUS command without
network cable attached, the delay seems to be 75 to 80 sec now,
for the situation b) it is only about 15 sec.

When running the command "strace d:\cygnus\cygwin-1.1.0\bin\pwd"
for situation a) it hangs completely (last night I waited 10 min,
this morning now more than 6 min), for the situation b) the delay
is also only 15 sec, and pwd completes.

For the situation b) the last lines of the output file from strace
before it hangs are (for a full file for situation a) see previous 
e-mail, file out.2):

  485   33914 [sig] pwd 1000 wait_sig: sigcatch_nonmain 0xA4
  202   34116 [main] pwd 1000 sig_send: pid 1000, signal -2, its_me 1
  139   34255 [main] pwd 1000 sig_send: ReleaseSemaphore succeeded
  129   34384 [main] pwd 1000 sig_send: Waiting for thiscomplete 0xB0
  143   34527 [sig] pwd 1000 wait_sig: Ready.  dwProcessid 220
  996   35523 [sig] pwd 1000 wait_sig: awake
  188   35711 [sig] pwd 1000 wait_sig: processing signal -2
  150   35861 [main] pwd 1000 sig_send: returning 0 from sending signal -2
 7853   43714 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Domain: DEIHF
  438   44152 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Logon Server: IHFSRV
  147   44299 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Windows Username: Jakobus
  231   44530 [main] pwd 1000 lookup_name: name  : Jakobus
 1711   46241 [sig] pwd 1000 wait_sig: signalled sigcomplete_main 0xB0
  222   46463 [sig] pwd 1000 wait_sig: looping


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