CYGWIN-1.1.0 trouble: 40 to 80 sec delay if no network connection

Ulrich Jakobus
Tue Apr 25 10:31:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 25 Apr 2000 13:07:52 -0400, Cygwin wrote:

>On Tue, Apr 25, 2000 at 06:57:53PM +0200, Ulrich Jakobus wrote:
>>> Also, if you run "strace -osomefile /bin/pwd" it will probably be
>>> obvious what is causing the delay.  There will be a really large
>>> number in the first field of somefile.
>>Unfortunately, this does not work. In can execute "/bin/pwd", but
>>trying to run "strace /bin/pwd" results in the message
>>  strace: error creating process /bin/pwd, (error 3)
>Sorry.  I should have said "strace -osomefile c:\cygwin\bin\pwd" where
>c:\cygwin\bin == whereever is appropriate for your setup.

OK, I have never used this command before, and was therefore not aware
of the correct syntax.

I did now in a DOS window (network cable attached).
  cd \cygnus\cygwin-1.1.0\bin
  .\strace .\pwd 

No problem, the command runs without any visible delay and terminates
correctly. Now I remove the network cable, and run ".\strace .\pwd" again.
The execution seems to hang completely (not only 40 to 80 sec delay, I 
have been waiting for more than 10 minutes now), the last lines on the 
screen are

 3119 1019256 [main] pwd 1000 sig_send: returning 0 from sending signal -2
12037 1031293 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Domain: DEIHF
 3200 1034493 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Login Server: IHFBDC
 3058 1037551 [main] pwd 1000 internal_getlogin: Windows Username: Jakobus
 3083 1040634 [main] pwd 1000 lookup_name: name  : Jakobus

Does this information help? Even if after 10 minutes I attach the network
cable again, the process remains hanging.

I should perhaps mention that I work on a notebook computer which has a
nice suspend function to save the main memory to disk and resume operation
without rebooting. For this reason, I almost never boot, and when I work
at home (without network connection), I simply switch on the notebook computer
again and continue from where I stopped. I have absolutely no problems
with other programs (of course when my e-mail program wants to make a POP
connection it complains about being unable to connect, or if I want to print
to a network printer), everything else runs fine, also the old CYGWIN-B20.1 
did run without any trouble this way.


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