Cygwin 1.0: Error when launching MSDOS bat file from bash on Wind ows 2000

Berche, Guillaume
Tue Apr 25 01:12:00 GMT 2000


> FWIW, I doubt that attempting to execute .bat files via a cygwin path
> will work correctly since there is no code in cygwin to translate the
> paths for cmd.exe or

Then, how does cygwin handles the file permissions on those files (documented as follows in C:\Cygwin\html\1_GS\int02.html) ?

> "File permissions
> On Windows 95/98 systems, files are always readable, and Cygwin uses the
> native read-only mode to determine if they are writable. Files are considered
> to be executable if the filename ends with .bat, .com or .exe, or if its
> content starts with #!. Consequently, the chmod command can only affect the
> 'w' mode, whereas it silently ignores actions involving the other modes.
> [...]
> "

If the file is executable, it would seem to me logical that one can try to execute it. I do not know cygwin internals but I'm surprised to see that it used to work with Cygwin 1.0 on NT4 and seems to not work under Cygwin 1.0 on Windows 2000.


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