How to change "/" from textmode to binmode?

Earnie Boyd
Mon Apr 24 13:09:00 GMT 2000

--- Bob McGowan <> wrote:
> In an earlier response to the original question, Chris Faylor suggested
> using 'mount -?' to get descriptions of options and that one of these
> should help.  So I was trying out mount with different options, in
> different ways, and came up with a new issue.
> It appears that I can create an environment where / is mounted on 2
> different locations, one stored at the system level and one at the
> user.  It would seem to me to make sense that 'mount' should not allow
> duplicates of system level mount points at the user level.  Is this a
> valid conclusion?

I don't think your conclusion is valid, IMNSHO.  I think the User MPT (mount
point table) should override the System MPT.  That way the user can do what he
likes while providing a consistent default.  I believe that this was the
purpose given to the innovation.

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