Cygiwin 1.1.0, Xfree86 and X11r6.4

Robert McNulty Junior
Sat Apr 22 22:50:00 GMT 2000

>This is probably due to the file being opened in "text mode".
>If the program is using fopen, then it needs to add a "b"
>to the second argument, i.e.
>fopen ("foo", "rb"); /* or */
>fopen ("foo", "wb");
>Without this, \n and CTRL-Z characters may cause odd things to
That is where I messed up with Maced (Pronounced McNulty's Editor)
File never got passed developement, because i gave up,
Of course, I had Cygwin B20-1, which had bugs in it.
I will have to find the source again and develope once more.
This would have done 4 things
1) Read a text file
2) Write a text file
3) Enter Text from keyboard (this is what caused me errors. Stupidness on my
4 Append to a file.

The reading the keyboard used a homebrewed subroutine.
I should have used the one mentioned in the Mix Power C reference, a 16 bit
compiler I was using at the time.
You see, I was not writing 32 bit protected code, but 16 bit code.
I started with DJGPP, but found Cygwin B-20-1. I had downloaded it many
times, redoing my hard drive everytime.
I have no real way of backing up my software.
Then i discovered you guys were selling CD's to Cygwin.
So, I bought one.
Ever since, i wanted to have a cross compiler for Linux to Windows.
Now, I'm dowloading the Xfree86 server (The cygwin-b20-1 version gave the
idea for Cygwin 1.1.0)
The other day, I complainded but got no response.
I am more than a user, or hacker. I consider myself an avid computer
enthusiast and amatuer musician who like to program sound with Csound. Just
one problem (hopefully rectified by this) No support for Windows stuff in
the Csound Archive.
So, using the Xfree86 stuff I am downloading, along with X11r6.4 libraries,
I will write a version of Csound using Cygwin 1.1.0.
Or rather, use what is already there.
Sorry to be off topic but that is what i am thinking at the moment (12:30 in
the AM on Easter Sunday)
Robert McNulty Junior
AKA Sherlock
AKA Red Baron
AKA The Nerd
AKA The Computer Whiz (don't ask. They gave that to me where i first worked,
Never tell a colored man/woman your personal business.
They will find ways to turn a non-racist into a bigot and use that against
you. Of course, if you a member a member of that other bigoted race (the
African-American in the southern part of the United States) disregard that
message but beware. Some one is looking at you and will judge you by your
actions to others and how you set them up for a fall that was not supposed
be there. I came to that place from the bottom of the barrel and stayed
there for 6 years, doing menial labor. The knowlegde i have in computers
(Quick, can you do graphics programming without pi or sine or cosine? I may
not be able to without a function that writes to the screen, but i can with
a library)
I can program pretty much what I want to.
Just gotta figure out what .a to link it to.
Just might check in Allegro again, after I down Xfree86 and the libs.

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