cygwin: php4b2 & apache1.3.9
Sat Apr 22 20:51:00 GMT 2000


Is anyone successfully using mod-php4b2 & apache1.3.9
that Stipe Tolj ported to cygwin?
( )

I compiled the above and everthing was running
very smoothly untill I attemped to use the 
php4 "Copy()" function.

Copy() appears to copy the file, but it corupts the
file in the proccess.

I then attempted to fork the cygwin "cp" command
from within php and this kills httpd.

I'm thinking ( newbe here ;-) that I can't fork
a proccess from within cygwin httpd/php because of 
having to run httpd -X as a single proccess. ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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