Backspace prob with vim under rxvt

John A. Turner
Fri Apr 21 08:58:00 GMT 2000

"John A. Turner" wrote:

> I have been
> having problems with rxvt after upgrading to 1.1 (it worked fine with
> the snapshots)
> I was using CYGWIN=tty and TERM=ansi
> that was using the rxvt 2.6PRE2 from ,
> so I also tried your build (since I'm using most of your other stuff as
> well - thanks tons - still trying to get a cygwin build of XEmacs, though)

ok, ignore this - I tried rxvt 2.7.2 from the site above, and it works
fine with:


and using Charles' run to start it as follows:

L:\bin\run.exe rxvt -bg black -fg wheat1 -cr red -fn "Lucida Console-12" -geometry 90x60


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