PS1, gdb and other trubbels

Thu Apr 20 10:59:00 GMT 2000

I have some problems, i'm using the 1.1.0 release on w2k.

Since I have w2k, I have problems with gdb. A previous noted I can
attach to processes just fine. I really want gdb so I started by
download the gdb src tarball in the latest/gdb directory, but there
was no instruction in there how to build it. Where do I start to be
able to find it ?

Does gdb handle windows threads ? It seams to recognize them, but
there is not backtrace and it gets really confused where function
frame start/end.

Have anyone considered finishing pthread_cond\* functions so the
pthread interface might be complete or are you waiting for someone to
send them in :) ?

A minor nit, there is no release notice on the website.


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