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Paul Sokolovsky paul-ml@is.lg.ua
Wed Apr 19 06:08:00 GMT 2000

Hello Benjamin,

Benjamin Riefenstahl <benny@crocodial.de> wrote:

BR> Hi all,

BR> For any file that Explorer can't deal with, try using this syntax in
BR> cmd.exe:

BR>   del \\?\c:\tmp\xxxxx

BR> The Prefix "\\?\" tells NT to do no parsing at all on the file name but
BR> pass it to the file system driver unchanged.

    Nice feature and fully answers original question. I'll try to
comment why it's hardly usable to make cygwin less fastidious about

- it works only with nt, not 9x
- it requires full path
- it doesn't allow too much, e.g. it lets that dot at the end, but
not filename containing ':' or '*' .

BR> so long, benny

Paul Sokolovsky, IT Specialist

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