net release setup.exe

John A. Turner
Tue Apr 18 18:19:00 GMT 2000

Earnie Boyd wrote:

> Setup.exe is a non-cygwin program working with cygwin.  Having tty set on when
> communicating between cygwin and non-cygwin programs has always been a cause
> for problems.
> > after removing the environment variable it works ok.
> See I told you. ;^)  Where do/did you have the CYGWIN environment variable
> defined?  AFAIK, setup.exe is meant to be run from the DOS command prompt.

wait, does this mean that CYGWIN shouldn't be set in autoexec.bat?  I've
certainly never heard that

and I prefer setting lots of env vars there, even on Win2k (and NT before
that), since I prefer editing a file to using the GUI to set env vars

if that's really the case, it's certainly a candidate for the docs - I just
took another quick look, and didn't see anything about not setting CYGWIN (or
other env vars) in autoexec.bat

-John Turner

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