Version handling

DJ Delorie
Tue Apr 18 18:10:00 GMT 2000

> o Should I remove the Net Release and install the 1.0 only?

It depends on why you got the CD, and why you got the net release.
Some things just aren't "newer" in the net release, they're
*different*.  For example, gcc on the CD is a custom Cygnus version
(the GNUPro pentium-optimized version), but the net release has just
the generic 2.95.* (which has more features).

Personally, I wouldn't recommend casually mixing them.  One of the
strengths of the CD is that everything was tested together.  If you
start mixing in parts of other releases, you make all that testing

> And how will future CD versions (1.<even number>.x) be distributed?

We'll probably figure that out when 1.2 comes out ;-)

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