3 bugs

Thomas.Wolff@icn.siemens.de Thomas.Wolff@icn.siemens.de
Fri Apr 14 06:25:00 GMT 2000

The middle key of the right keypad (labelled "5") does not deliver an 
escape sequence to the application as it should in function key mode 
(also known as keypad mode).

When I enter a ^C during an invocation of select(), it seems to interrupt 
the call although the program disabled the SIGINTR-^C relationship by 
the usual means (which works under Unix) and ^C as a normal character 
works at other times in the same program under cygwin as well (this is 
in raw input mode, for use in an editor).

My program could create a file "xy." (with a final dot) in the cygwin 
environment using a link() call, but I could not manage by any means 
to use, remove, or rename that file afterwards.

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