Cygwin CD v1.0 on the net?

Earnie Boyd
Wed Apr 12 06:06:00 GMT 2000

--- "Philip (FireEgl)" <> wrote:
> In that case, where can I get the gcc "which you can't get off the
> net, and which includes optimizations Cygnus did for the Intel
> Pentiums that you can't get in egcs."

The net does not have to be the means of distribution.

> (quoting DJ Delorie <>)
> Surely it must be on the net..  Is the gcc port at
> Mumit/gcc-2.95.2/
> the same thing as on the CD?

No.  There were specific optimizations that Cygnus did that are not
incorporated into the main gcc tree which is what Mumit distributes with some
modificications to get it to work for Cygwin/MinGW/UWIN/gcc-win32.

> I'd bet there's a lot of other things on the CD that aren't on pages
> like
> Is there a list of applications and their versions that are on the
> CD somewhere?  I'd like to know what I may not have by collecting
> all "the pieces that make up the CD" from the net..

Yes.  There is a contributions directory that contains a lot of the code you
would usually download.

> Since the installer can't be distributed, could somebody just tar.gz
> their copy after they install it and make it available on the Net?

Yes. That would be possible, however, that would like be shooting oneself in
the foot.  The main purpose for the CD is to allow funds to be directed to the
Cygwin project so that more of Cygnus/Redhat overhead can be directed to
Cygwin.  If I could download the CD, there would be no incentive to purchase
it.  I suggest you spend the $99 US dollars and purchase the CD.

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