Cygwin CD licensing?

Keith Graham
Tue Apr 11 13:51:00 GMT 2000


I'm using the cygwin tools from the Cygwin CD on a consulting project.  I'm
just writing shell scripts and tcl, so I'm not using the GNUPro tools, or
linking to the cygwin.dll.  But I need to advise my customer exactly what
they need to do to use the CD at their site.

I understand that the installer (hence the CD) is copyrighted by
Cygnus/Redhat, and isn't under the GPL.  Therefore, I can't distribute
copies of the CD.  That's fine- my customer can certainly afford to buy
their own.

But the more important question, usually answered by a license, is what can
our customer do with a single copy of the CD?  Can you install it on exactly
one machine?  Do you need one copy per user?   Can you install it on
multiple machines from a single CD?

Given the very reasonable price, it doesn't really matter that much which
option it is, but I'd like to give them the "official" answer.


Keith Graham

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