any question?

Ricardo Rugerio
Mon Apr 10 17:37:00 GMT 2000

   Hi all, 

   I´m new on this... before nothing, excuseme my
english, I´m learning....

   I´d download the CDK (I think it is the b19)

   I installed it, but when I try it, I got this

   "sin espacio en entorno"
   "sin espacio en entorno"
   It say, "withouth enough space on environment", and
I don´t know what is this, or what mean this?

   and I don´t get a sheel... what happen?

   another question is I´m working on a machine with
windows 98, I can work CDK with this?, or is needed
only windows NT?

   I hope you can help me with this...

   Ricardo Rugerio.

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