WinNT cross-compiler to PowerPC embeded

Flitter Lance A CRBE
Thu Apr 6 10:47:00 GMT 2000

Hello all,

I need a gcc cross-compiler that is hosted on WinNT and compiles to a PowerPC embedded system. I've tinkered around trying to build one myself without success. I'm hoping someone could give me some advice or point me to a site where I can find one already built. I have the mingw32 gcc compiler and the cygwin usertools (for bash) for NT.

Oh, I tried to subscribe to the list by following the directions given at and got an error message in reply. It appears that list does not exist anymore and I was directed to try this list. I'm hoping this is the right place to post this request. I don't think I was subscribed to the list so if you reply, please reply to me rather than to the list. If someone has a suggestion as to what list I should post this on that would be appreciated as well. :-)


Lance Flitter

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