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stefan stefan@lkcc.org
Wed Apr 5 14:05:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Tim Prince wrote:

> I had nearly forgotten the old arrow key problem; it has never occurred
> running the 19990819 snapshot with W2K, so I think there is hope if you
> upgrade your software.

Well, so i updated to 20000316 ! But hereby i exchanged one "error" to
some others, unfortunately...

1) The arrow problem is fixed now, thanks a lot !

2) Do Home and End work ? At my installation these keys produce a single
   tilde (~).

3) Windows95 crashes now on Ctrl-C, that is *really* annoying ! Can anyone
   help ? Windows NT does not.

4) The bash produces now permission errors. Also very annoying. When
   $ cat <<FOO
   > 1
   > 2
   > 3
   > FOO
   you should get:
   But i get something like "cannot document here: permission denied".
   This is only when using bash.exe, sh.exe works out fine. Before i made
   the above update it worked with bash too.

5) The newly created directory i686-??? for the header files is not
   automatically used by the compiler. I guess these are just for another
   target. But i would like to use the updated headers, because
   "vsnprintf(), snprintf()" and other fixes from earlier headers.

Help is highly appreciated... thanks anyway for all the replies !

_/ Stefan Jahn                                                _/
_/ email: st.jahn@fhtw-berlin.de                              _/

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