bash: bug or feature

Julian Kinraid
Tue Apr 4 17:15:00 GMT 2000

stefan wrote:
> hello cygwin'ners:
> we are using the cygwin environment for software development purposes.
> unfortunately the bash implementation of the standard package b20.1 is
> sooo slow.
> when you are keep keys down (arrows) to go through command lines it even
> produces invalid characters. why is this ? and how could we work around it
> ? did ever anyone thought of a gui frontend for the bash to speed it up ?

I had the same problem, but when I updated to a more recent snapshot
(from the Jan 15 one to a snapshot from Decemeber), it worked fine.  I
also use a newer version of bash.  If you can't update to a newer
snapshot, slowing down the key repeat speed in the Windows keyboard
prefs also fixes the problem.

Julian Kinraid

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