Touch has a bug w/Daylight Savings time in the US

Sean Phelan
Mon Apr 3 15:16:00 GMT 2000

Hi all,

In case I'm the first one to discover this, there's a problem with Cygwin's
TOUCH. It doesn't handle the daylight-savings crossover properly.

Once the Daylight-Savings is crossed (ex:4/1/99), touch improperly sets the
file date if the date is before this crossover date.
EX: "touch 0401120900 file.ext" will set the date to 1:09p instead of 12:09p
BUT: "touch 0403120900 file.ext" will set the date to 12:09p as expected.
Naturally, this is a bug which could bite someone.

Hope this helps,

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