X applications only work for Administrator

Michael Hirmke mh@mike.franken.de
Tue Nov 30 23:39:00 GMT 1999

Hi Charles,

>as cwilson, using cwilson's new "Admin" powers, *remove* cwilson from
>the Administrators group, and do NOT log out --- it still works.

Don't know for sure, how to solve the original problem, but this one is
easy: While logged in, you can change any settings regarding your
permissions, group memberships, .. - you still have the same ACL, i.e.
you have the permissions as if nothing had changed. If you log out and
back in, you get a new ACL and therefore the changed settings become

>...Until the next time I log in as "cwilson" -- then I get the same
>_X11Trans... errors as before.
>Any ideas?

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