cygwin binaries without cygwin1.dll -- is it possible?

Mumit Khan
Tue Nov 30 23:39:00 GMT 1999

Viswanath Bandi <> writes:
> Hello Mumit,
> After the given by you and Tim, I was able to build gas
> with host = i586-pc-cygwin32 and target = mips-mips-elf.
> It is working fine.
> I am just wondering if we can use these executables
> without getting cygwin installed? i.e., if I don't have
> cygwin tools installed and I have only these 
> executables(as.exe & gasp.exe). Is it possible? 
> If possible, how it can be done?
> When I tried to run them independently, it is giving error
> that it can't fine "cygwin1.dll".

Just copy the cygwin1.dll and put it into the binary directory.
That's all it takes. You can just the cygwin1.dll from Cygwin
site ( ).  

Cygwin applications cannot be linked statically (partly by
design, and partly due to various practical considerations).


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