Problem with tar

Doug Wyatt
Tue Nov 30 23:39:00 GMT 1999


I noticed that your cygcheck indicates that there are 3 copies of
cygwin1.dll installed (d:\bin,d:\usr\local\bin,c:\winnt) - the one in
c:\winnt is a different version than the other two.  You might want
to try reducing those to only one.  And, you might want to try a
newer version.

If you've got the disk space, you might try  uncompressed tar and
then gzip'ing the resulting archive.  Also, you might try redirecting
stdout and stderr to a file on the remote system to reduce the
possibility that a bad connection over ssh might be hanging the

Is it possible that a remote batch job is working in the /data area
at the same time you're trying to do the backup?

Don't know if any of this will help.

Doug Wyatt

> Hi,
> I have a problem with Cygwin tar which I have a hard time figuring out how
> to solve, and I'm hoping someone here can give me a few hints.
> Background: I'm partly responsible for administrating 30 remote WinNT
> servers (don't ask..), and to fetch data from these servers to include in
> a local site backup I use a combination of ssh, tar and scp (sshd has been
> installed on the WinNT servers.) 
> Every night, for each of the servers, I run approximately this sequence of
> commands:
> ssh -x -l administrator $ntserver "/bin/tar cvzf /tmp/data.tgz /data"
> scp administrator@$ntserver:/tmp/data.tgz data-$ntserver.tgz
> Works like a charm, except that tar hangs at what seems like random places
> at what seems like random times at what seems like random sites. :^(
> Out of the 30 servers, 2-3 on average have this problem every night, and I
> have to manually kill the ssh process when I come to work in the morning.
> I can't see no patterns on with which sites gets the problem or the data
> which tar was trying to read when the hang occurred. Manually running tar
> again on the same data doesn't hang again in a reproducible way.
> Are there, or have there been, any know problems with tar or the
> cygwin.dll in Cygwin which could cause this? If not, does anyone have any
> ideas on how I could debug this problem? Any help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> I have attached the output from "cygcheck.exe -s -r -v" in case that is of
> any help. "/bin/tar --version" says "tar (GNU tar) 1.12". 
> Regards,
> Morten Eriksen

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