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--- White Knight <whiteknight@innernet.net> wrote:
> To Whom it may concern;
>     I am not sure this is the right one to write to had to in a returned list
> but ....
>     I was directed towards your product in a newsgroup for compiling unix
> code on a windows platform. The code I am trying to compile on a windows
> platform is a MUD (M.U.D. = Multi-User dungeon). It was ported for MSdos but
> having probs am currently using DJGPP but coming up with errors like crazy.
> that was when I was directed to you. But not sure as what to grab and what is
> purchase/shareware/freeware or what will run on windows. some of the products
> I found are TAR and GZ which is unix packing.
>     care to assist in what I need to compile are run a C coded unix for
> windows
> thanks in advance :)
> Robb 

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