How do I UNMOUNT '/' mount point?

Steve Coleman
Tue Nov 30 23:39:00 GMT 1999

Prakash Dhavali wrote:

> I want / to point to the current drive letter by default. 

If this is really the behavior you are looking for then it is my
suggestion that you look at some other tool kits that are out there.
There are many versions of bash, ls, etc. that merely sit on top of
DOS/Win32 and perform no "real" Unix runtime emulation.

Cygwin on the other hand is specifically designed to emulate Unix as
closely as possible, so closely in fact that most Unix source code will
actually compile and run without changes. This in and of itself is an
amazing feat that should be duly recognized as "magic" (hats off
folks!). I often port software between a variety of Unix systems that
have at least as much difficulty in portability if not more than Cygwin,
which successfully hides most if not all the non POSIX quirks of the
Microsoft operating system world. I personally look forward to the day
when Cygwin has full posix threading support too.

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