Suhaib M. Siddiqi
Tue Nov 30 23:39:00 GMT 1999

M$ is abummer.  They love to invent their own stuff
intentionally to make life more complicated for developers.

The POSIX subsytem in MSVC simply sucks


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> > Since the non-underscore versions are required to be present in
> > the interface definition which many modern UNIXes are based on,
> > I'd say that cygwin should expose them, but no-cygwin shouldn't.
> > Is it possible to expose them in a way which makes user declaration
> > work, as mandated by the SVID, rather than requiring the <errno.h>
> > inclusion? Both should expose the underscore versions since there's
> > no harm doing so.
> To add another confusing data point, I've just noticed that Microsoft
> Visual C 6.0 declares _sys_errlist and _sys_nerr in <stdlib.h> rather
> that <errno.h>; and if the compiler is not running in "strict ANSI"
> mode and doesn't have _POSIX_ defined, it also declares sys_errlist
> and sys_nerr in <stdlib.h>.
> I don't know if the optimum solution can be achieved, but it would
> look like:
> - when in maximum UNIX compatibility mode, just declaring
>     extern char *sys_errlist[]; extern int sys_nerr;
>   in the code should work. Failing this, removing these declarations
>   and including <errno.h> seems a reasonable option since such code
>   will almost certainly be including <errno.h> already. The versions
>   with leading underscores should probably be made available in the
>   same way.
> - when in  maximum VC++ compatibility mode, the leading underscore
>   versions should be made available by including <stdlib.h>; if not
>   in strict Standard C mode, the non-underscore versions should be
>   available in the same way.
> If it isn't possible to support declarations in the code, the simplest
> solution is probably that both <errno.h> and <stdlib.h> should declare
> the leading underscore names, and if not in strict Standard C mode
> they should #define the no-underscore names to the underscore ones.
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