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Mumit Khan
Tue Nov 30 23:39:00 GMT 1999

"Chalapathi R. Emani" <> writes:
> Hi,
> I  use gcc 2.8.1 version on Solaris and am trying to move my code to NT.
> I downloaded the latest version  from cygnus and realized that it's equivalen
> t
> of gcc 2.91.57  
> I would appreciate if someone points me to the version of Cygwin that is
> equivalent
> of gcc-2.8.1

GCC 2.8.1 is *very* old and there have been quite a few releases since then.
Also, for x86-win32, gcc-2.8.1 was quite buggy.

If it's not clear from Cygwin web page, you can updates to compiler and
other developments from my site:

The current release is gcc-2.95.2.

If your code works under 2.8.1 and not under 2.95.2 (other than due
to platform differences of course), then you should just fix the code. 


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