CVS server on WinNT.

Earnie Boyd
Tue Nov 30 23:39:00 GMT 1999

--- Brendan Simon <> wrote:
> A few simple questions (I hope) on running CVS as a server on a WinNT
> machine.  I would prefer to run it on a Linux box but I might not have a
> choice.
> Can a CVS server run on NT ?  I assume so if using cygwin.

I haven't looked at the source to know; but, I would assume that you need the
other services such as INETD or RPC.  It should work fine on NT with cygwin.

> Will it talk to clients on any platform (ie. checkin/checkout from
> Win95/98/NT, Linux, Unix, etc) ?

If you have the INETD and RPC it shouldn't be a problem.

> Is running CVS server on NT as secure as a CVS server on Linux ?

I don't know, the only thing I've seen in print is from the article that Chris
gave the address to last week.  It stated something about the shared memory may
be a security risk.

> What about the reliability of cygwin on NT ?  I THINK (not 100% sure)

The only problem I've had at all on NT is with broken snapshots.

BTW, the current version of CVS builds OOB with Cygwin.

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