Multiple .dll refs from one .a? (libvfw32)

Chris Faylor
Tue Nov 30 23:39:00 GMT 1999

On Tue, Nov 30, 1999 at 02:04:33PM +0200, Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
>Hello Mike,
>Mike White <> wrote:
>MW> Has anyone actually successfully run a program that
>MW> links with cygwin's libvfw32.a (that's Video for
>MW> Windows)?  Specifically, the VFW32.LIB from MS's
>MW> Win32 SDK actually refers to functions available in
>MW> 3 separate .DLL's, none of which is actually named
>MW> VFW32.DLL.  So linking works fine, but when run,
>MW> my program (a port from MSVC) complains that it can't
>MW> find VFW32.DLL. (In fact, no such .DLL exists afaik).
>MW> The 3 actual .DLL's are MSVFW32.DLL, AVIFIL32.DLL,
>MW> and AVICAP32.DLL.
>    You confirmed suspection I had about that. It seems that some of
>implibs provided with gnu-win32 distributions are not functional. One
>reason is that they are built simple-minded, e.g. lib<something>.a
>refers to <something>.dll, which sometimes not true. You showd one
>example, I may rememember libth32.a for ToolHelp32 package which tries
>to import functions from some th32.dll which I never saw on any win9x
>system, while those functions live in kernel32.dll .

I'll be happy to patch any of the .def files for the stub libraries
if people want to send patches to DJ or me.

I wish that people would start getting into the habit of looking for
solutions rather than posting complaints or "me toos".  Imagine how
cygwin could progress if it had a legion of motivated people working
on it rather than three or four.


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