cygwin without an install?

Earnie Boyd
Tue Nov 30 23:39:00 GMT 1999

--- wrote:
> What impact should we expect if we run cygwin binaries 
> without running the installation.  Our goal would be to 
> allow our (non-unix literate) users to run some basic 
> shell scripts, while avoiding install, upgrade, and 
> configuration issues.
> For example, if after a single install of cygwin, we copy 
> the bin dir to a network drive.  Then we write scripts 
> that 100 users run off the network drive.  (We realize 
> that certain functionality may be lost.)
> I've done some basic searching of the mail archives,
> and found some users that prefered the "tarball" approach
> to installing cygwin - sort of a simular issue.
> Can anyone comment on the problems we will run into, and
> how we might solve them?

Network slowness will be one.  The other will be directory structure of each
individual station.  If they will only be using the provided scripts and you
either setup the registry to mount the network/bin to /bin or provide a
symbolic link I don't see why it wouldn't work.

Note that when the cygwin1.dll instantiates the first time on a machine without
a mount directory registered it will create one with the drive letter mounted
to the root directory /.

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