ANN: login.exe for NT domains on

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Nov 30 14:12:00 GMT 1999


   - what is it?
     - Manages login procedure, NT domain aware

   - system
     - Windows NT4/2000, with cygwin1.dll since 10/22/1999

   - Cygwin
     - for B22
     - binary and text mount
     - CYGWIN=ntsec

   - preliminaries
     - nothing to do

   - configure
     - nothing to do

   - make
     - nothing to do

   - make install
     - Change DESTDIR in Makefile as appropriate.

   - notes
     - Patched to allow login of domain users.

     - Only usable with cygwin1.dll since 10/22/99.

     - Setting CYGWIN=ntsec is mandatory.

     - /etc/passwd and /etc/group have to be created so, that
       they contain the SIDs of the users and groups. The
       new mkpasswd and mkgroup tools since the above cygwin
       version do this this by default.

     - Change /etc/passwd either so:

       Change the pw_name field so that it contains the nt-domain
       and the nt-username separated by a backslash:

       domain\user::1104:513:John Doe,S-1-5-21-...

       Disadvantage: You can't see the username in calls to `ls -l'
       anymore because ls shortens the name to 8 characters. Moreover
       you will have to use this long form (domain\user) on the command
       line, eg. in calls to chown(1).

     - or so:

       The pw_gecos field may contain an additional field, that
       beginns with (upper case!) "U-", followed by the domain
       and the username separated by a backslash.
       CAUTION: The SID _must_ be the _last_ field in pw_gecos!!!
       BTW: The field separator in pw_gecos is the comma.
       The username in pw_name itself may be any nice name:

       domuser::1104:513:John Doe,U-domain\user,S-1-5-21-...

       Now you may use `domuser' as your login name with telnet!!!
       This is possible additionally for local users, if you don't like
       your NT login name ;-) You only have to leave out the domain:

       locuser::1104:513:John Doe,U-user,S-1-5-21-...

       Disadvantage: No other field in pw_gecos may begin with "U-".

   - package availability
     - on
     - in
     - as login.tar.gz

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