mkpasswd -d error

Corinna Vinschen
Tue Nov 23 08:59:00 GMT 1999

Keith Starsmeare wrote:
> I've only recently become a domain user and it's giving me a few problems.
> Firstly, I'm recognised only as Administrator - I have been added to the
> local administrator group, I guess there's no way to get it to recognise my
> username? (My current hack, so that I can use rsh, has been to replace
> Administrator with my username in /etc/passwd.)

What you see is standard NT behaviour: If you are member of the
admin group, the owner of any object that you create is the admin

Since Cygwin 1.0 you can use the option CYGWIN=ntsec (besides others).
It allows to have real uid/gid settings in the ntfs security settings.
If you create a file, you are the owner regardless of your group

In order to use `ntsec' you have to create well formed /etc/passwd
and /etc/group files with mkpasswd and mkgroup.

> Also, when I try "mkpasswd -d $USERDOMAIN" I get the error "Cannot get PDC,
> code = 2453". Yet "mkpasswd -d" gives some information, but it doesn't
> include all the users in the domain.

It's an error in mkpasswd. Try the Cygwin 1.0 version or newer

> If I take myself out of the Administrator group will I have a useful UID?

Yes, but `ntsec' will solve this problem, too.

> Is it possible to set up cygwin to work recognise domain users as well as it
> recognised local users?

That's ok so far as the login names of the local and the domain users
differ each other. Otherwise you will run into problems.


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