cygwin on 95 slower than NT

Earnie Boyd
Tue Nov 23 06:12:00 GMT 1999

--- J Senthil Kumar <> wrote:
> Hi! 
> Iam using cygwin shell on NT and 95. On windows 95 the shell scripts are
> considerably slow. Like it take 1-2 seconds for each command. Is this
> natural?. Is there any parameter to be adjusted in the DOS Shell. Iam a
> shell maniac I badly need a fast shell on Win95.
> Could you help?.

Real Solution: Migrate the Win95 to WinNT.

Win95 itself is slower than WinNT.  If you must use Win95, make sure that you
only have what is necessary in the PATH variable (can be reset in the ~/.bashrc
file) and avoid network drives in the path.  Secondly, make sure you've read my

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