Call a Dll

José Raúl de Prado Mediavilla
Tue Nov 23 05:20:00 GMT 1999

	I am working with DLL and I have problems with it.

	I have a dll (i.e.: mydll.dll) and I want to use this dll in a
	I call it like:
		....(I call functions in dll)

	If this is wrong, please tell me the right way.

	I build the executable like this (I do not know if this is the 
right way):

	gcc -o myprog myprog.o mydll.dll

	But when I run, it emits an error message like: The instruction
0x0000040a4 has referenced to the memory in 0x0000040a4. It can not read
the memory" (more or less)

	If someone can give me some ideas about how can I solve it, and in
general, how can I call a DLL from a program, please mail me.

Tanks you.

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