Will there ever be a new free release?

DJ Delorie dj@delorie.com
Mon Nov 22 14:42:00 GMT 1999

> What is the difference between 'GNUPro for NT' and Cygwin 1.0 (there
> is very little website information about GNUPro NT) ?

GNUPro is our commercial development kit offering.  It includes little
of the "unix environment" stuff, but is heavy on the dev tools (like
gcc and gdb) focus.  It is also available for a wide range of
host/target combinations (cross compilers), one of which happens to be
NT native.  GNUPro comes with a heavier support package ($7k-100k for
1 year site support with various response guarantees and coverage)
while Cygwin 1.0 only comes with 30-day installation support.

> Does it provide similiar licensing restrictions on executables
> linked against Cygwin (GPL) ?

The licensing terms for cygwin1.dll are the same for both GNUPro and
Cygwin 1.0.  Most GNUPro customers actually use the cross compiler
variants, so they aren't using cygwin1.dll anyway.  I'm talking about
cell phone manufacturers and stuff like that.

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