How do I UNMOUNT '/' mount point?

Dan Oelke
Tue Nov 16 15:39:00 GMT 1999

But - when I am at a bash prompt - I want it to be as Unix like as possible.
Mapping / to the current drive is just ugly IMHO, not to mention the
vast majority of Unix utilities that would be broken by such a scheme.

Of course - the source is out there - go ahead and modify it if you want.


>I do not want any kind of mounts on my NT workstation. I do not want
>C:/ mapped to '/', no matter which drive you are on. I want / to point
>to the current drive letter by default. I know that it's hard to imagine
>such a requirement in a typical UNIX environment, but STILL we are on
>on NT and NOT a UNIX box, so I was expecting NT behaviour not to be
>_entitrely_ overridden by other UNIX emulation softwares.

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