How do I UNMOUNT '/' mount point?

Prakash Dhavali
Tue Nov 16 14:00:00 GMT 1999

Thanks for your responses, but here are my comments on the CygWin

I think users SHOULD be able to install the cygwin as a TOOLKIT and NOT
as a UNIX OS wrapper around win32. I think that some of the users like me
may want CygWin Toolkit with standalone unix utilities and applications.
I know CygWin is sold as a UNIX/LINUX environment to customers, but I
would have appreciated if there was a CygWin Toolkit(maybe similar to
MKS toolkit) as well.

Hard mounting C:/ to / is a deviation from default NT behaviour. I think 
ALL the cygwin tools and utilities must have recognised some environment 
variables(e.g CYGWIN_ROOT_DIR) to mean $CYGWIN_ROOT_DIR as the root and 
not C:/. In my case this deviation breaks my application(s). You may ask
why I bought CygWin in the first place., I just wanted the Unix Utilities
in my NT environment.

What do other users on this list feel about the above topic?

Thanks again
Prakash Dhavali

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On Tue, Nov 16, 1999 at 02:05:33AM -0800, Prakash Dhavali wrote:
>Hi Cygwin users,
>I DO NOT want cygwin to mount anything on my NT workstation as /.
>Currently when I run mount, it shows me following mount which I just AM
>NOT ABLE TO REMOVE IT ( I want to use '/' to refer to the current
>driver letter inside some of my applications)

A couple of people have replied to this, showing how you can umount /,
but I wanted to point out that what you want to do isn't possible.
There is no way to permanently umount / as cygwin always creates a
root partition if one is not found in the mount table.

There is also no way to have cygwin default to the current drive when
referencing /.  It will always default to a specific directory on
a specific drive, just like UNIX.


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