Static Lib containing WinMain Problem

Robert Powers
Mon Nov 15 13:28:00 GMT 1999

Running B20.1 with 2.95.2-MingwExtra's installed using -mnocygwin...

Program is Unix Lib ported to Windows by Author....
Code compiles/links/produces TestProg.exe & Runs on VC++6.0.....
Gcc compiles/links/produces aTestProg.exe which does nothing..except hang..

Lib has WinMain -- TestProg has Main
WinMain code should put up 1)Control window
                                        2)Console for input
                                        3)Main display window
If I use -mwindows I get nothing.
if I do not use -mwindows I get the Console.
Tried debug the .exe  w/(Insight)..doesn't start at or seem to recognize the
WinMain function.
Chkd archives..found WinMain reference to VLIB problem.. tried the link
fix(-Wl,-u,_WinMain@16 )...doesn't make a difference.

Sorry for length... would appreciate any advice.. thanks
Bob Powers..

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