resolving symbolic links

Donald E. Hammond
Wed Nov 10 06:11:00 GMT 1999

Salman -

ls -L should work, I think, but doesn't seem to in my 1.0 CD
installation.  Don't know if it's a bug, or misunderstanding on my
part.  Try: 'find /tmp -printf %l'  (or -printf "%l\n"), which seems to

Hope that helps.

 - Don

Halim, Salman wrote:
> hi,
> what's a good way to find out (programmatically; either through a command or
> a piped series of commands or a function), in bash (if relevant), the actual
> path pointed to by a symbolic link.  for example, i have /tmp pointing to
> c:\temp -- how can i get 'c:\temp' as output given '/tmp' as input?  i
> thought of ls -al /tmp | cut -d'>' -f 2- but that seems a bit of a kludge. .
> .

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