B20.1: can't open serial port /dev/com10

Christian Schilling Christian.Schilling@psi.ch
Wed Nov 10 04:48:00 GMT 1999


I'm using a cyclade multiport device under Win NT4.0. It creates 16
serial devices (com5 ... com20). It is easy to open the internal
serial ports /dev/com1 and /dev/com2 and the cyclade ports
/dev/com5 ... /dev/com9 respectively. 

Trying to open port com10 fails. It seems that cygwin's open()
function can't handle the longer string.

com10 in the 'hyper terminal' program on windows works fine.
I tried to create a softlink /dev/coma -> /dev/com10. It seams that
/dev/coma can be opened, but data transport fails.

Can anybody help me?


Christian Schilling
email: christian.schilling@mednetix.ch
pgp key: hkp://keys.pgp.com/christian.schilling@mednetix.ch

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