X11 and shared libs again

Steve Jorgensen steve@khoral.com
Tue Nov 9 12:39:00 GMT 1999

	I've been poking around the X source code for cygwin, trying
	to figure out how the X libraries support the externing of Xt
	widget class variables.

	I really want to figure out how to create my own shared X library
	DLL's for the Khoros library, because one of the main features
	of our visual programming language depends on the ability of
	using dlopen to load new widget subclasses at run time.

	Anyway, I came to the realization today, that no libXt.dll or
	libXmu.dll file exist in the cygwin-xfree-4_0-cygwin-v-1_tar.bz2
	X11 cygwin distribution.  This wasn't true in earlier X11
	releases, so is this a problem that needs to be fixed?	 If this
	was on purpose, is it because it's impossible to export the
	class variables for widgets?

	Also, while looking at the source code and imake rules in the
	xc-*.tar files, I found the X code is using image-base in dllwrap
	to provide a default address to load each library.  Does this
	effect how the externing of global variables (so you don't to
	use that __declspec(__dllexport) and __declspec(__dllimport))

	Any help is appreciated.


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