Gtk test program working with Cygwin

Tor Lillqvist
Mon Nov 8 12:15:00 GMT 1999

Adrian Hamilton writes:
 > Hello.  Has anyone got the gtk test program testgtk.c working properly
 > with cygwin?  

You mean building GTk+ for Windows GDI windowing, but using the cygwin
C runtime (and POSIX emulation)?  I have never tried that combination
myself. How do you handle the GLib message loop stuff? Do you go the
full way and do it as if you were on POSIX (i.e. use cygwin's
select(), also for /dev/windows), or do you use the same ugly (but
working, for the GIMP at least) hack as for "native" Win32?

Or are you talking about Craig Setera's old and abandoned port of GTk+
1.0 (or whatever version it was), that used X11 windowing and Cygwin?


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